I am now a Visiting Assistant Professor at
Shepherd University.

Below is some ongoing research from my recent Postdoctoral fellowship at
Colgate University

Our research focuses on understanding how tropical ferns radiated from terrestrial to epiphytic niches. We are measuring functional traits, ecophysiology, anatomy and desiccation tolerance of gametophytes and sporophytes of dozens of tropical fern species.

See Eddie Watkins, Helen Holmlund and myself smashing through some pressure volume curves......

Teaching experience

I am also passionate about teaching biology! I have experience teaching foundational biology and upper level ecology courses. Please click through to see my pedagogical philosphy and evidence of my teaching effectiveness

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Postdoctoral research (past)

I have recently completed a Research Fellowship at the Hawkesbury Institute for the environment, working closely with Horticulture Innovation Australia and 23 wholesale tree nurseries

We assessed root to shoot balance in containerized tree stock across Australia's many climate regions, with a growing database of over 13000 trees to improve the national standard for growing landscape trees.

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Research highlights

Click on pictures for some interactive plots made with shinyapps!

Do shade leaves 'lie in wait'?

Click to see how more open stomata in shade leaves enable a photosynthetic sunfleck response. Read the recent paper to see how this behavior is coupled with mesophyll conductance here

See how container size can be used to create a sink limitation to seedling growth.

We then tested the coordination between photosynthetic down regulation and reduced growth. Paper in tree physiology.

Does elevated CO2 and drought alter C allocation
in Eucalypts?

We use chamber CO2 flux and biomass modelling to estimate total belowground carbon allocation

New paper in Annals of Botany

We explored the functional traits that allow early lineage plants (lycophytes and ferns) to make a living in tropical forests. We concluded that canalization of microphyll leaf development leads to contrasting yet successful ecophysiological strategies. Click to see difference in stomatal traits between the lineages.

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